Sunday, June 15, 2014

Large Breasted Hookers, Transvestites and the Smell of Stale Beer.....keeping it sleazy in the BIG EASY!

Bob was in Florida last I heard.  But then I get a text on May 20th that says:  In the big easy.  Should be here for a week.  At least until after the holiday.  Let's see what happens here. 

....Big easy?  I thought at first he meant the spring break hot spot of Panama City as he said he was headed there.  Well, I sure was wrong!....

May 22nd:  Took my first trip down Bourbon Street yesterday on the bike.  Thank God I didn't get off the bike.  It's everything you ever heard and more.  Large breasted hookers, transvestites and the smell of stale beer is the name of the game here.  Jazz bands playing in the courtyards.  Old and run down big time.  I'm going back tomorrow and I'm going to get off the bike if I can find a safe place to park it for afew hours.  Very interesting area all around Bourbon Street.  I also stopped for lunch on the other side of town in a Latin Caribbean place.  Food was great.  A little on the pricey side for lunch:  $42.  Wish me luck.

May 23rd:  Had to buy an air conditioner yesterday.  It's freakin hot down here.  This is the bomb in here now.  I don't know how much further south I'm going but I think it's getting time to head north.  One stop I must make is Mueller's BBQ in Austin, TX.  Voted best in the USA.

I got an email yesterday, June 14th.  Cell service has been spotty at best.  He will be calling me soon with another update.  :)


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