Monday, March 31, 2014

Heading south.

Bob's plans so far:  Staying at the Ocoee for a few days then it's off to ride the dragons tail and the smugglers route.  Then I plan on meeting the crew of the southern rivers trip for some paddling. 

Hopefully I'll get some pics of Bob from the southern rivers folks to post.  A few usually get posted on the PA Creekers facebook page.  :)

Enjoy, Bob!  Can't wait to hear more from you soon!  

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Sunday, March 30, 2014


Welcome to Bob Mac's blog!  After many months of delays, he has finally got on his way on the trip of a lifetime!  I think he has a loose plan, but it's the open road, his VW Vanagon and all his gear with nothing but adventures in front of him!  I can't wait to get updates from him, which I will be posting here for all of you to read.  He will have the link to the blog so he can check in and see your comments, but the emails will go to me.  I will forward anything I get, though.  I'm sure he is unsure of internet availability as he goes so we will have to wait and see.  He's like our own Uncle Traveling Matt!  (I used to love Fraggle Rock!)  Use the blank line above to enter your email address and hit SUBMIT so you'll get updates in your inbox when I add something.  Share the link with friends who know Bob and want to follow him!  Keeping my fingers crossed we can get him up to snuff for forwarding pictures as he goes too!  THANKS!  -Malissa